Eхchange Programs


In today’s increasingly diverse societies and political and economic instability around the globe, nothing is more fundamentally humane than a mission to support people in understanding each other and working together to build lasting peace. 

The powerful voice of culture and the arts knows no boundaries and borders. It has the power to transform our misperceptions of each other into appreciation of our unique heritage and celebration of our creativity.


In alignment with our mission to help recognize cultural heritage, promote creative expression and foster intercultural exchange and education, Voices is developing our International Cultural Exchange program. 


We are working with international cultural organizations and like-minded groups around the world to help find local artists, musicians, designers and people in other creative fields and give them an opportunity to travel outside their communities and countries to display their work and be recognized, to learn from and to share their knowledge with others. 


What we do: 


• We are proud that we live in Washington DC; the US Nation’s Capital and want to help establish our city as an innovative International cultural hub. 

• We seek artists in local communities with various ethnic backgrounds to give them an opportunity to get recognized. 

• We organize exhibitions and showings of international and local artists in Washington DC including venue selection, staging and promotion.

• We bring International artists to the US and Washington DC and assist with travel arrangements, including travel grants to cover transportation, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses. 

If you are an artist in any creative field who has a dream to show the world what you do and never had an opportunity to do so, please contact us. 


If you are an organization in the US or internationally interested in collaborating on international cultural exchange projects, we would like to hear from you. 


If you are an art-lover with a generous heart and believe that through creative expression and exchange we can make the world a better place, we will appreciate your support.