Young Artist from Kenya at the Stimson Center            June 10 - August 31, 2019

Voices is partnering with Uweza Foundation to bring artworks of young and talented artist from Nairobi, Kenya. There are no opportunities for creative expression or development of artistic talent in most Kenyan schools, and opportunities to participate in art for Kibera children and youth are extremely limited, despite a plethora of artistic talent. The Uweza Art Gallery opened in 2013 to provide art students with their own space and materials to paint and market their artwork.

Voices is presenting paintings of the young artists at the Stimson Center from July 10 though August 31.

Join us for a reception on July 31 at 5:;30 pm.

Felt Rugs from Afghanistan                 February 2019

In partnership with the Stimson Center, Voices organized an exhibit of felt rugs made by artisans from Afghanistan and Kazakhstan.

The main centers of felt making in Afghanistan are in the Norther half of the country, in and around Mazar-I Sharif, where more recent migrants such as Turkmen and Lakai Uzbeks live.

 Turkmen Women Actives Rights Association Afghanistan (TWARA) was established in 2005 to provide training and life skills to Turkmen minority groups living in the very remote areas of Afghanistan, mostly in the northern areas on the bank of the Amo River (Jowzjan).

Textiles from Central Asia at Denison University              April  2018

In April Voices brought to Denison University a pop-up exhibit of Central Asian textiles to participate in a celebration of culture and art of Central Asia. It was a first exhibit of the kind in Ohio and we were very excited to show the amazing examples of traditional textiles such as ikat, embroidery, weaving and felt. We are very grateful to Asyl Undeland - a collector and an art historian who landed some of her beautiful artifacts and our partner HoonArts.  Read more

International Felt Exhibit at the Anacostia Arts Center             September 2017

Believed to be one of the world’s oldest textiles, felt was first made over 2,500 ago by the nomadic peoples of Central Asia. It’s a multifunctional fabric used for making rugs, felt tents, accessories, painting and sculptures. The craft still thrives today as an integral part of the culture in this region, and is now becoming more and more popular around the world. Inspired by their traditional roots the artist create modern and relevant art work connecting the past and the future.

The artworks presented include contemporary and traditional rugs, wall panels, fashion design and other objects made with felt.

This exhibit brings together artisans from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Russia.